he precisely directed ultrasound waves penetrate only the skin surface and are focused on the level of the collagen and elastin tissue layers deeper in the skin.  The thermal effects delivered by this focused energy eventually stimulate the production of new collagen to replace the old and aged collagen. The end-result of this collagen replacement process is a firming, tightening and lifting of the skin.

We price match any advertising of Ultherapy procedures for any area in our office.

Treatment for Around Lips and Mouth

Under Eyes

Treatment for Brow Lift

Treatment for Upper Face including Eyes and Crow's Feet

Under Chin

Under Chin and Full Neck

Chest Area

Treatment for Mid face Including Lower eyes and Cheeks

Lower Face (Including Cheeks, Jawline, and Upper Neck)

Full Face including Forehead, under eays mid face

Full Face including Forehead, under eyes, lower face and under chin

Full Face and full neck